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From Slow Cooking to Quick Grilling: The Best Modern Cooking Appliances

By GreenPan Australia

Whether you love or hate cooking, learn about the best cookware appliances that can save you time & effort while opening new possibilities in the kitchen.

From Slow Cooking to Quick Grilling: The Best Modern Cooking Appliances

The following was heard near a water cooler in an undisclosed office location. Names have been changed to protect the innocent:

Tina: So, what are you getting your wife for her birthday?

Jay: A bunch of cookbooks and some personalised aprons.

Tine: If my husband gave me that for my birthday, I’d whack him over the head with the cookbooks and hog-tie him with the apron strings.

Jay: But…but… cooking is her life! She’s going to LOVE them!

Tina: Uuuuuuh huh. Whatever, dude.

Behind this fruitless attempt to save Jay’s spousal reputation lies an eternal truth about cooking: people either love it or hate it. For some, it’s an all-consuming passion that fills them with joy, wonder and satisfaction. For others, it’s a mundane and torturous daily chore they wear like a yoke around their necks.

Whether the sight of the kitchen fills you with glee or dread, cooking is a task we all must attend to most, if not every night. Those mouths need feeding whether you like it or not. With the frenetic pace of modern life, even the most dedicated home chefs are short on time. It’s, therefore, not surprising that irrespective of which end of the spectrum you fall into, anything that can save you time and effort is a huge bonus.

In this blog, we’ll examine a selection of the best kitchen appliances for your home. From convenience to speed, each offers something that will make your life in the “heart of the home” more rewarding.

Slow Cookers

Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to chuck a bunch of ingredients into a pot, cover them with water, flick a switch and then head off to work. Then when you get home after a long, hard day at the grind, voila! A perfectly cooked, delicious, hot meal awaits you.

This is the reality that slow cooker aficionados live and love. Slow cookers have many incredible benefits, but their ability to save you time and effort is arguably unmatched in the cooking world. While many culinary shortcuts trade-off flavour for convenience, that is definitely not the case with slow cookers. That’s because all the time and fuss savings are on the preparation side. The cooking aspect is, as the name suggests, much slower. Longer cooking time means more opportunity for those magical chemical reactions that bring out the rich flavours and textures of foods to take place. As all those previously lonely starches and proteins hook up with each other, the result is a gastronomic love story that will tantalise your palate.

GreenPan’s superb slow cookers are packed with features that make them the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal:

  • Gorgeous, clean design in a range of stylish colours
  • Durable hard-anodized pot and tempered glass lid
  • Heat-resistant base with silicone feet to prevent slipping and sliding
  • Simple, advanced 1-touch preset settings
  • Easy-to-follow LCD display
  • In-pot searing capability
  • Coated with ThermolonTM Volt PFAS and PFOA-free non-stick ceramic coating designed especially for electronics, so you get no added nasties.

Whether you’re new to the joys of slow cooking or looking to level up your game, check out our stunning range and start reaping the benefits today.


Air Fryers

Few things are more tantalising than the delectable smell and glorious crunch of fried food. From hot chips and nuggets to parma and battered fish, who doesn’t love a solid fry-up? Pity about all that fat, though…

Technology to the rescue again! Air fryers have been around since the mid-Naughties but sprang to real prominence from around 2018, so they’re relative newcomers to the appliance world. In that short time, they have sparked a mini-kitchen revolution, allowing families across the globe to enjoy all the flavour and crunch of fried comestibles with only a fraction of the calories and fat. In today’s health-conscious world, that is quite the coup.

The secret lies in technology that circulates heated air around the food, evaporating surface moisture and replicating the processes that give fried foods their signature texture and taste. Air fryers achieve this feat using minimal amounts of oil, so your food is not only delicious but far healthier for you and your family.

Our amazing non-stick air fryers are coated with our trademark PFAS-free coating, so you can air fry, bake, roast, and grill at high temperatures without the risk of toxic chemicals in your food. Whether you choose the reliability of our workhorse Bistro XL, or the incredible versatility of the Bistro Dual Zone double basket air fryer, you’ll enjoy a ton of handy preset cooking programs, sleek touch-screen LED display, easy cleaning and more.

Contact Grill

Look, on the kitchen counter! Is it a toaster? Is it a hot plate? Is it a waffle maker? No! It’s GreenPan’s astonishing Contact Grill. If you’re looking for one gadget that does it (almost) all, this is most certainly the one for you.

Many kitchen appliances seem to offer everything, but in practice, they are too complicated to use easily or simply don’t deliver on their lofty promises. Our contact grill is so versatile yet easy to use that you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Here is a sample of what you can do with this incredible machine:

  • Use it as a panini press to create restaurant-quality grilled sandwiches
  • Utilise the grill plates to achieve gorgeously seared steak, fish or chicken
  • Snap in the optional extra waffle plates for a fluffy, sweet breakfast treat
  • Take advantage of the revolutionary lay-flat design to double your cooking space with dual-zone temperature control. This allows you to perfectly cook two different items at once on separate surfaces.

As you can see, there is so much you can do with this revolutionary tool, and this is just the beginning. If you need additional convincing, the reversible plates detach for quick and easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe. When you’re done, the unit folds up for easy storage.

You’ve never cooked with anything quite like this, and we think you’ll love it.


Gourmet Grill

Do you love entertaining? Or, perhaps you’re looking for fun and exciting ways to keep the kids engaged at dinner time? GreenPan’s Gourmet Grill may be the answer to your prayers.

Also known as a raclette grill, the Gourmet Grill brings the kitchen to the dining table, so your family and friends will adore the communal experience of cooking and eating together with this novel contraption. The reversible, non-stick, cast-aluminium plate has a combination grill and griddle on one side and pancake moulds on the other, so you can mix and match for whatever meal you’re making. Nestled below are eight non-stick mini pans, each with its own nylon spatula, so every diner can be a part of the communal culinary experience. The fun of cooking great food at the table makes everything taste so much better. Whether it’s Japanese night with teppanyaki and okonomiyaki, a sumptuous night in Mexico with fajitas, a luxurious Sunday breakfast of pancakes and omelettes or the classic American burger, our Gourmet Grill will help you do what food is meant to do - bring people together.

Just like most of our other electrics, the hotplates are easy to wash and dishwasher safe. With one-touch temperature control and a host of other convenient features, the Gourmet Grill is making food fun and easy again.

When most of us hear the word “cookware”, traditional pots and pans are the first things that come to mind. Thanks to modern technology and some creative design nouse, cookware has become so much more. Sure, no kitchen is complete without our tried and trusted staples. However, these electrical cookware appliances are opening new gastronomic possibilities while simultaneously saving you precious time and effort.

We all love great food. However, not everyone is enamoured with the process of making it. With GreenPan’s range of appliances, every home chef can reap the benefits.

Browse our range today for more information on GreenPan products. We’re sure you’ll find something that’ll make the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Oh, and in case you were wondering… Jay’s wife LOVED her birthday gifts!