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evolve with innovations

The unique features for a better pan

Our healthy ceramic non-stick coating may be our flagship product, but we’ve also invented a range of unique features.
We never cease to innovate – and we’re proud of that!

A thicker and stronger base

Forged Base

Why You Want It
Many pans are stamped. This is when a flat sheet of metal is pressed into the shape of a pan. When a pan is made this way there’s nothing to prevent it from changing shape when it’s heated, which means lots of warping and wobbling.

Built Tough
We build our pans to last. Our frypans feature forged bases, which are thicker, stronger and adds an additional layer of strength and stability.  This ensures you’ll get even, consistent results over and over again.

Extra Large Cooking Surface

Optimal Straight Base

Innovative New Shape
The smart design with straight edges results in a 25% larger cooking surface. Perfect for family sized dinners or an extra portion of your favorite dish!

Better Result
It provides a larger cooking area without increasing the size of the actual pan. It’s time to enjoy more space and easy handling with no compromise.

Stack It Up

Stackable Design

Space Saving Design
You can stack the pans compactly on top of each other, taking up 30% less space in your storage cupboards when compared with our other ranges.

Stores In One Convenient Stack
Designed to nest efficiently in your cupboard, giving you extra room where you need it.

A snag-free way to get a grip

Silhouette Rivets

Strong and Stuck
A riveted handle provides a strong hold, but those round bumps in the bowl of the pan can be food traps. What we wanted was to keep the strength, but to keep a nag-free bowl at the same time.

Low Profile
Our silhouette rivets deliver a clean, streamlined interior, and the riveted connection ensures your pans will have a powerful hold for years to come without worrying about anything getting caught in the bowl.

Prevents Snags And Food Buildup


We Smoothed It Out
The snag-free interior prevents food buildup and delivers the simple surface you’ve always wanted.

Easy To Clean
It delivers a seamless and rivet-less interior, making it easy to clean and preventing food traps.

Make Pouring Simple

Drip-Free Edge

Rolled Side Edges
Pour without the mess with unique rolled edges designed for drip-free pouring.