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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Right Cookware

By GreenPan Australia

Wondering how to choose cookware? GreenPan's guide will help you select the perfect frying pan, saucepan, skillet, grill, or wok for your unique needs.

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing the Right Cookware

Tired of burnt breakfasts and unevenly cooked meals? Dreaming of Insta-worthy meals at home? If so, you’ve probably been exploring your cookware options. As they say, an artist is only as good as their tools! The only problem is, there’s a ridiculous amount of pots and pans to choose from! Whether you’re strolling the aisles of a cookware store or scrolling through products online, the sheer size of the cookware world can be daunting. So many shapes, sizes, and strange names – do you really need all that stuff? Or will it just end up collecting dust in a forgotten corner of a kitchen cupboard? We understand the overwhelm, so we’ve developed this comprehensive guide to act as your compass. As passionate food lovers, we love designing safe, eco-friendly, premium-quality cookware that is durable and free of nasties like PFAS. Each piece in our collection excels at specific tasks, so you can build a collection perfectly suited to your culinary style. Whether the kitchen is your happy place or you’re just an occasional visitor, having the right equipment is crucial to turning out delicious, healthy meals.


Section 1: Frying Pans and Skillets

Ever feel like your frying pan can only do, well, frying? The truth is, you can access a whole world of possibilities from just a few basic kitchen tools. From skillets and chef's pans to deep frying pans, the versatile tools you’re about to meet will have you whipping up restaurant-worthy dishes in no time.

Each of these GreenPan frying pans also comes with a secret weapon – a safe, super durable, and non-toxic non-stick coating. This means you can cook like a pro without worrying about nasty chemicals or lengthy cleaning sessions.

Frying Pan: Your Constant Kitchen Companion

safe, eco-friendly, premium-quality cookware that is durable and free of nasties like PFAS are the most popular cookware for a reason. Their flat bottoms, flared sides, and long handles make them ideal for various cooking techniques, from the classic fried egg to searing meat and sautéing vegetables. Plus, they come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs, making them a must-have for any kitchen. Most home chefs will use their frying pans pretty much every day, so having a few high-quality frying pans on hand is an essential part of any kitchen arsenal.

Deep Frying Pan: Deeper Than Its Name Suggests

Deep frying pans are designed with a deeper basin to contain hot oil for safe deep frying. Oil splatter not only has the potential to create a mess on your stovetop and surrounds but can also result in burns. The higher walls and longer handles of deep frying pans help reduce or eliminate this problem while still being light and maneuverable enough for easy cooking. However, a deep-frying pan is more versatile than its name suggests. The extra depth also makes it perfect for steaming, roasting, smoking, and even stir-frying smaller quantities.

Skillet: The One-Pan Wonder

Regular cooks adore skillets for their high walls and general roominess. Skillets always come with a tight-fitting lid (a feature you won't find on frying pans), making them perfect for creating one-pan meals. Armed with just one high-quality skillet, you can sear, sauté, and even simmer in the same meal prep session. The lid also traps moisture, making skillets ideal for steaming and braising.

Chef’s Pan: The Premium Choice for Delicate Dishes

As its name suggests, the chef's pan is a favourite among professional chefs, and for good reason. Its rounded, conic design and long handle make stirring and whipping sauces a breeze. The best non-stick chef’s pans allow you to take your cooking to the next level, especially when creating delicate sauces that require precise control.

Grill Pan: Bringing the BBQ Indoors

Craving grilled flavours but don't have access to an outdoor BBQ? A sturdy grill pan is your solution! Ridges elevate food from the bottom of the pan, allowing grease to drain away while creating those beautiful grill marks, so you’ll have professional-looking grilled foods whenever you need them. Grill pans are fantastic for cooking meats, vegetables, and fish, infusing them with smoky goodness. Some people baulk at the idea of a grill due to the perception that typical cast-iron versions are heavy, unwieldy and require regular maintenance. GreenPan to the rescue again! Our light, PFAS-free, non-stick ceramic grill pans are a breeze to use, clean and store.

How to Choose The Right Pan

Start by considering the size that best suits your needs. For a single person or small servings, an 20cm pan may suffice, while a family might require a 28-30cm pan. Next, think about the material. Non-stick pans are great for low-fat cooking and easy cleaning, but if you’re after high-heat searing or browning, you might want to go for stainless steel or cast iron.

Lastly, PFAS chemicals, often used in non-stick coatings, have been linked to health concerns. Choosing a PFAS-free pan ensures safer meals. Best of all, it’s the more environmentally friendly choice.

Frying Pan vs Skillet: Which One Should You Invest in?

Both are brilliant at frying, but each one will serve you better in different cooking scenarios. Here are a few details that should help you decide:

  • Frying Pan: Typically sporting a rounded form with slightly flared sides, frying pans are your go-to for tasks like sautéing and flipping delicate foods like fish or pancakes. The flared sides give frypans a flatter profile, making using a spatula to flip or slide food off the pan easier.
  • Skillet: Featuring straighter sides than frying pans, skillets offer more versatility and help avoid spills when cooking dishes that require frequent turning or stirring. They excel at frying and searing, but their oven-safe properties also allow them to shine in baking roles. Skillets always come with a lid and thus offer superior temperature and moisture control, making them incredibly versatile.


Section 2: Saucepans and Pots

Deeper than skillets and frying pans, saucepans and pots boast higher sides, perfect for simmering soups, stews, and sauces. Their lids help trap heat and moisture, ensuring your creations cook evenly and develop rich flavours. Let’s look at the stars of the show in the world of saucepans and pots.

Saucepan: A Meal Prep Marvel

This workhorse of the cookware world is an indispensable part of any kitchen. Saucepans excel at whipping up smooth gravy and creamy béchamel but are up for so much more than sauces. Their deep aspect and moderate size are the perfect combination for steaming vegetables, cooking grains like rice or quinoa, and quickly preparing stove-top dishes such as delicious mac and cheese (without the dreaded sticking!). A top-quality saucepan is also the perfect tool for reheating pasta sauce, poaching eggs, or warming up soup.

Stock Pot: The King of Comfort Food

Craving a warm and comforting stew or a big pot of delicious pasta? Look no further than the trusty stockpot. This deep pot is a master at simmering large quantities of ingredients, making it ideal for slow-cooked dishes packed with flavour. Its generous size also allows you to prepare rich stocks and soups or even create one-pan meals for the whole family. Good quality stock pots always include a glass lid to keep your culinary creations warm and moist while allowing you to see how the dish is progressing.

Casserole Pot: Your Secret Weapon for Flavourful Food

Love rich pasta dishes, stews, and chilli? The casserole pot, also known as a Dutch oven, may be your new best friend. Its deep design creates plenty of room, making it ideal for boiling large quantities of water for pasta or gnocchi. But the versatile casserole pot doesn't stop there! It's also perfect for simmering hearty stews and curries or preparing large batches of chilli. The spacious interior allows you to brown ingredients right in the pot before adding liquids for simmering, saving you the need for an extra pan and the associated cleanup. Best of all, once you’re done with the stovetop, your casserole can transfer straight into the oven, where all the delicious flavours can blend and develop.

Casserole Pot vs. Stock Pot: Which One Wins the Big Batch Battle?

If you’re into large-scale cooking, casserole and stock pots are the champions. Significant overlap exists between the two, and many dishes will come out equally delicious regardless of which you choose. To some extent, it’s a matter of personal preference. However, there are some crucial differences. So, which one will suit you best?

  • Stock Pot: Designed for conquering large quantities of liquid, stock pots are tall and deep, featuring tight-fitting lids. They are the undisputed kings of stock, broth and soup creation, but their versatility extends to boiling pasta, cooking large batches of dumplings, or even steaming seafood.
  • Casserole Pot: A wide, deep pot with a tight-fitting lid, the casserole pot is your best friend for slow-cooking large meals like casseroles, stews, and chillies. They can also be conveniently transferred from stovetop to oven, making them the perfect one-pot wonder.

How to Choose a Saucepan

The general rule to keep in mind is that the size of your saucepan will significantly impact your cooking. For smaller tasks like melting butter or heating a can of soup, a 1 to 2-litre saucepan would suffice. However, for larger meals or batch cooking, you might need a larger saucepan, around 3 to 4 litres, or more. Remember, it’s always better to have more space than you think you’ll need – this prevents spillage and allows for better heat distribution.

It’s also critical to consider which material best suits your needs. All GreenPan cookware comes with an advanced, non-toxic, non-stick ceramic surface that makes it perfect for virtually any job in the kitchen.


Section 3: The Wok: Stir-frying in Style

A mainstay in Asian cuisine, the wok is a deep, round-bottomed pan designed explicitly for stir-frying. Its unique shape allows for even heat distribution and tossing ingredients with ease. While stir-frying is its superpower, the best woks can also handle deep-frying and steaming.

The magic lies in the wok's shape. Its deep, round bottom ensures even heat distribution, perfect for achieving that coveted sear on your favourite proteins. The high, sloping sides make tossing and turning ingredients a breeze, crucial for creating those crispy-tender textures in stir-frying.

Feeling adventurous? Deep-fry some dumplings or pakoras in its generous basin. Craving perfectly steamed vegetables? The wok can handle that, too! You can even use it to smoke meats, roast vegetables, or even simmer stews. So, if you're looking for one pan that can handle a variety of cooking styles and techniques, the wok is a fantastic option.


Beyond the Basics: Expanding Your Cookware Collection

GreenPan Australia offers a variety of cookware, bakeware, and electrical kitchen appliances that can take you beyond the essentials explored above. If you're a foodie who loves creating healthy, mouthwatering gastronomic masterpieces, here are a few ways to expand your culinary toolkit:

Bakeware: No kitchen is complete without a good selection of bakeware for creating delicious cakes, cookies, breads, and pastries. GreenPan offers high-quality bakeware with our signature ceramic non-stick coating. Not only is this the best cookware material for health, but it also ensures easy food release and effortless cleanup.

Steamer Baskets: These handy inserts fit inside pots and allow you to steam vegetables and seafood, promoting healthy cooking methods. GreenPan's steamer baskets are crafted from durable materials to last and ensure perfectly cooked, nutrient-rich food.

Appliances for Effortless Cooking: Beyond pots, pans, and bakeware, we offer a range of superb quality, non-stick ceramic electrical kitchen appliances designed to make healthy cooking convenient and delicious. Each one features our durable, non-toxic, easy-to-clean non-stick surface. Here are some highlights:

  • Slow Cookers: Perfect for busy weeknights or creating melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork or tender stews, GreenPan's superior quality slow cookers feature easy-to-use controls and stylish designs to complement your kitchen.
  • Grills: A wide, deep pot with a tight-fitting lid, the casserole pot is your best friend for slow-cooking large meals like casseroles, stews, and chillies. They can also be conveniently transferred from stovetop to oven, making them the perfect one-pot wonder.
  • Air Fryers: Looking for a healthier alternative to deep-frying? GreenPan's air fryers use hot air circulation to crisp up your favourite foods with minimal oil, allowing you to enjoy french fries, chicken wings, and more with a guilt-free twist


Choosing the Right Cookware for You

Now that you're armed with knowledge about different types of cookware, here are some additional factors to consider when making your selections:

  • Size: Think about how much food you typically cook at one time. If you're a family of four, you'll benefit from having larger pots and pans. If you cook for one but like to meal prep for the week, you may also want to go for larger cookware.
  • Material: You always want to choose the best cookware material for health. GreenPan Australia offers cookware crafted from various materials, including ceramic, stainless steel, and aluminium. Each material offers distinct advantages for different cooking styles. For instance, ceramic cookware is known for even heat distribution and its non-toxic non-stick surface.
  • Heat Source Compatibility: Ensure your chosen cookware is compatible with your stovetop (gas, electric, or induction). Some materials, like certain types of stainless steel, work best with all heat sources, while others may have limitations.
  • Price: The price of cookware can vary depending on the material, brand, and size. You can generally expect to pay more for high-quality materials that offer toxin-free cooking, excellent heat distribution, and durability. GreenPan Australia caters to a range of budgets, making healthy, non-toxic cookware affordable for all. Don’t be swayed by cheap, flimsy cookware. The lure of bargain basement pricing may be tempting, but these products almost always end up damaged and unusable before you know it. When purchasing cookware, it’s critical to consider how long your pots and pans will last. GreenPan’s incredible durability means that our cookware has unparalleled cost performance over the products’ lifetime.

Getting Comfortable with Cookware

So, you’ve explored the essential cookware pieces and learned how to choose the perfect ones for your kitchen. Now it’s time to get cooking! With the right tools, you can transform your kitchen into a culinary haven.

Remember, high-quality cookware isn't just about creating mouthwatering dishes – it's about making healthy cooking a joy. GreenPan Australia's incredible range empowers you to explore new flavours and techniques using safe, non-toxic materials.

Ready to whip up delicious, nutritious meals that nourish your body and soul? Head over to our cookware section and browse our collections. Our extensive range is ready to accompany you on your culinary adventures.